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History of Pacifica Coffee

Pacifica Coffee is an organic roaster of some of the worlds finest organic coffee beans. Greg Gorchels started roasting in 1991 in Sunriver, Oregon with his wife, Sarah Steffensen.  They moved back to Corvallis, Oregon to raise their family and changed the name to Pacifica Coffee.

I have been roasting coffee for 26 years.  I do it because I love it.  I love the smells of coffee roasting in the early morning.  I love repairing equipment.  I love delivering coffee to my customers with my bicycle.

Most of all, I love the idea of making people happy with what I have created.  This is what keeps me doing it and it drives me to always make the very best coffee I can.  This is the most important thing to me, you being happy with what I have done. 

For me, its all about you.

I put my whole heart and attention into making the coffee for you and do it with religious attention.  I make enough coffee to make some people happy and then .....  I go do something, else so next week I am completely fresh to pour myself into the process of making coffee that you will love.

I know some of you will want more history, so, here it is...

Pacifica Coffee was founded in 1991, under the name of Sunriver Coffee Co in Sunriver, Oregon.  In 1995, owners Greg and Sarah moved back to the town they first met - Corvallis - and changed the name to Pacifica Coffee, LTD in 1996.  They have been roasting here in Corvallis, Oregon ever since.  To promote sustainability, our business uses our coffee delivery bike as much as possible to deliver to our local accounts. We use less garbage than the average family of 4 (only about 12 cubic yards a year), and of course promote using certified organic sustainable coffee. 




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